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If God is dead, all is permitted
Now forsaken you should find
another body in which to live,
should find a way to make it

from an earth
both malleable and gray−
give it motion, articulate it.

Let it be at home in moonlight
which improves upon darkness
but makes no impression on skin.

Let it be at home in darkness,
where eyes are both suggested
and consumed.

At your word it will breathe and hear
its own speech, the mud-speech
of earth.

And when the flaws of its creation
cause it
to collapse,

bear no special witness, except
to the sound of its fall,
to the singularly articulate

sound of earth
crumbling to earth.
Bear witness

where once you might have borne
the Word−that difficult rune,
that speechless tongue.

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1st know version Feb, 1996
Latest version Dec, 2003
This poem is more−or−less complete.
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