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Gray Jays
Hail to thee, blithe spirit!
Before leaving the meadow
kneel on the ground
where the Horned Lark rose
to search between
lupine and sedum
for small things disguised
as sand


Since your shelter is what you wear
experience the weather
as a presence, a temperament,
erratic as a bear, stumbled upon,
where it takes apart a log


A new green rises into the middle heights
where the sun breaks the canopy, it
makes itself from air and sun, and
makes a shade for all but one.

Dropping from meadow to forest
you change into
the light
that limbs let through


Allow your vision to soften
so that greens and browns become
blurred color. When the contours start to seem
ambiguous, set quietly and rest,
and hope for Gray Jays to find you
in the forest


If and as they come they will drop
in shallow swooping arches
from branch to branch
and as they pass, at least one
will likely stop to glance
at you, first, with one eye,
and then, cocking its head,
with the other


When it leaves you watch it
fly from fir to fir in its purpose,
unless and until
it falls from sight.

Then and by
that slight
-est of indifference,
you will find yourself

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1st know version Dec, 1996
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