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[At the visitors center]

A descent of travelers
through red cliffs and wooded river valleys
a convergence of direction
through the lonely ruines of weather.

People join together in a busy flux
of thoughts and emotions,
motion and purpose.

Books on the Anasazi,
petroglyphs on postcards,
conversations in an unknown language,
retirees in RVs,
newlyweds speaking of children ....

The midday light intensifies,
focused by a lens of air above stone,
a vibrating bubble of trapped heat
that will detach to rise ...

[The Ancient and The Singer]

The ancient wakes,
to stride across the land.

Silent and unseen,
a thing of red stone,

he bears the hawk upward
by his hand

above coyote and creosote
toward the blue dome of heaven.

Beauty around me, in it I wander
Through the red rock valley, in beauty I wander

The singer releases his song
and sweeps his hand over stone

to free the magic
from the sand.

[Their Departure]

All of the past,
all that were

move as lonely ancestors
through the land

1st know version Nov, 2004
Latest version June, 2012
This poem is in its initial stages

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